phone: 08 9162 7715

Data Allowance (Quota) : All plans include both upload and download data towards your usage quota.

Peak times are defined by NBN as between 7:00am and 1:00am (18 hours – local time zone).
Off-Peak times are 1:00am to 7:00am

Once you reach your peak or off-peak monthly data allowance, service will be shaped to 128kbps/128kbps (~0.1Mbps) in peak or off-peak times.

Is your NBN Internet Offline?

1. Reboot your Router (eg. Netcomm or TP-Link). If still no Internet:

2. Power off NBN Modem for 15 minutes. Power back on (takes about 5 minutes). If still no Internet:

3. If your NBN link has been offline for more than a few hours.
Standard procedure to fix is:

– power off NBN modem & router
– disconnect all cables (including green co-ax)
– leave off for minimum 1/2 hour
– connect cables (make sure network cable goes from NBN Modem Port 1 to Internet port on Router)
– power on

If your Internet does not come back on then send through:

1. NBN Modem – NTD number
2. NBN Modem – Description of Ring Light colour(s) seen

to or call 08 9162 7715

IOTT can only send through a service request to NBN if the above procedure has been followed and the necessary details sent through.

Is your NBN Internet Slow?

1. First step is to reboot your Router (eg, AirCube, TP-Link, Netcomm). No need to reboot the NBN Modem.

If still not performing, please email answers to the following to

1. Confirm if issue is upload or download : download/upload
2. traceroute & ping (whilst directly connected, ie. not over WiFi)
3. Perform speed tests at morning/mid-day/evening and copy/paste share links.
4. When did the speeds start to drop off, all day or peak time only?
5. Was it a gradual degradation of the service or did it happen overnight?

For traceroute and ping commands:
In Windows:
Start / Run / cmd
Then enter the commands:
ping -n 100
Send text or screenshots of the results.

Change Your WiFi Password

For TP-Link:

To login to TP-Link Archer router. Start with opening your favourite browser, then in the address bar enter the IP Address: (typically C2)
or (typically C9)

default username: admin and password: admin

Select Wireless Security and change Password/Passphrase. Note that there are 2 wireless networks (2.4GHz & 5GHz) each with their own password. Click Save.

NB. You may need to get your PC/device to “forget” the WiFi network and re-connect with the new password once you have changed.

For AirCube:

Step 1
Open the web browser and type the IP address of the device in the address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2
Type the username and password in the login page, the default username is ‘ubnt’ and the password can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the airCube. Then click ‘LOGIN’ to open the airCube settings.

Step 3
Click the Wireless icon (on left).

Step 4
Change Password and Save Changes

NB. You may need to get your PC/device to “forget” the WiFi network and re-connect with the new password once you have changed.

Product Links:

TP-Link Archer C2
TP-Link Archer C9
AirCube Guide
AirCube Software

Reduce Your Usage

Some tips to Reduce Your Usage and keep under your NBN plan’s quota limit:

  • Adjust quality for streaming services. For example:
  • Facebook – Turn off Video Auto-play in both your phone Facebook App & computer web browser.  Under Settings / Videos
  • Schedule the download of large files (bit-torrents/updates/software/apps etc) during Off-Peak (1AM-7AM) times.
  • Change your WiFi password.  Check your Router documentation or ask Google how to change for your Router model.  Let me know if you are having difficulties.

Please send through other suggestions & I’ll update.

VoIP Settings

Username: as provided
PW: as provided
SIP ALG: Disabled

Dial full number for outbound calls. eg 08 9162 7715

For Netcomm NF13ACV Configuration

Login to Router
admin / admin
Check pictures below for example settings: