Data Blocks

These can be purchased through your MyIOTT Usage Portal (link above).

For plans of 100GB Peak Quota or less extra data can be purchased if you exceed your monthly quota.

Please note that for 150GB & 200GB Peak Quota plans, unfortunately due to the NBN Fair use policy we are currently offering you the maximum data that we are currently able to.  ie. these plans are unable to purchase extra data blocks.

Pricing and Details for Data Blocks are as follows:

Detail (Peak/Off Peak) Peak/Off Peak Price(AUD) Duration(Days)
Additional Data 1GB 1 GB / 0 GB $5 60
Additional Data 5GB 5 GB / 0 GB $15 60
Additional Data 10GB 10 GB / 0 GB $25 60
Additional Data 20GB 20 GB / 0 GB $40 60
  • The cost of your data block will be added to your next invoice in arrears.
  • IOTT reserve the right to withdraw a customer’s ability to purchase additional data without prior notification to you.
  • Only 1 data block is able to be purchased at a time.
  • We only offer “Peak” time data blocks or “Any time” data blocks depending on the plan you are on.
  • A data block expires when all data has been used or within 60 days, whichever occurs first.
  • NBN fair use policy applies to the purchase of data blocks, it is up to yourself (the customer) to manage any additional data blocks in accordance to the total data usage under the NBN fair use policy.