What speed is the new Sky Muster™ service designed to offer internet service providers?

The speed options that will be available customers via the new satellite service are 12Mbps download with a 1Mbps upload, or 25Mbps download with a 5Mbps upload.


Can I use Voice over IP (VOIP) services?

Yes – homes and businesses on Sky Muster™ connections are capable of supporting VOIP services.


Will there be a Fair Usage Policy in place for the new Sky Muster™ service?

Yes – the Sky Muster™ service will have a Fair Use Policy in place in order to help ensure fair access to the services over the new satellites – especially during peak-usage times. Satellite capacity is a finite resource and NBN helps ensure that everyone has access to a great online experience. The Fair Use Policy are as follows:

  • 75GB or more data usage in 4 week rolling period during peak hours constitutes a breach of its Fair Use Policy.
  • 150GB or more of total data usage both peak and off-peak in 4 week rolling period constituted a breach of its Fair Use Policy.


What do I use for an Outgoing Mail Server?

For those on NBN use check your email providers outgoing mail server.
eg. for bigpond or telstra mail Click Here!

For those on NBN with cc email accounts (cki.cc, kampong.cc etc) use:
Outgoing Mail server (SMTP): smtp.iott.cc

Credited: www.nbnco.com.au