ZoIPer setup

Update 4 June: Anywhere you see in the images below, please replace with voice.iott.cc

iOS (Apple iPhone)

Purchase ZoIPer Premium from the App Store

Open and select Settings / Manual Configuration / SIP account and add the following details:

Name: Cocos 4G VoIP
Domain: voice.iott.cc
Username: {as provided}
Password: {as provided}
Caller ID: {your 08 number or can be left blank}

Example image below, note username will be your unique number as provided.

Scroll down to Audio codecs and select as per picture below:

Go back to main Settings window and select Premium Features

Select (purchase) Push notifications subscription.
Do Not 
select the other codec options.

Android Phone

Download ZoIPer (lite) SIP VOIP Softphone from the Play Store

Initial Setup Page
Username: {number as provided}@voice.iott.cc
Password: {as provided}


In Settings / SIP Account select Audio Codec Settings and select and arrange as per image below:

In Settings (main menu) select Connectivity and Enable PUSH proxy