IOTT Voice Trial setup

Update 4 June: Anywhere you see in the images below, please replace with

iOS (Apple iPhone)

Purchase Bria Mobile: VoIP Softphone from the App Store

On the Select Provider page choose VoIP (SIP) – Calling:

Enter the following setting provided in the New SIP Account page

Name: Cocos 4G VoIP
Username: {as provided}
Password: {as provided}
Caller ID: {your 08 number or can be left blank}

Make sure you also Enable the Account

Example image below, note username will be your unique number as provided.

Scroll down to Account Advanced and change:

SIP Transport – UDP

Go back to Main Settings / Advanced Settings and change Mobile & WiFi Audio codecs and select as per picture below:

Android Phone

Download ZoIPer (lite) SIP VOIP Softphone from the Play Store

Initial Setup Page
Username: {number as provided}
Password: {as provided}


In Settings / SIP Account select Audio Codec Settings and select and arrange as per image below:

In Settings (main menu) select Connectivity and Enable PUSH proxy